• Healthy Fall Living

    Healthy Fall Living

    Crisp fall weather is made for physical activity — walking, running, biking, swimming are all fair game. They’re excellent forms of aerobic exercise, which means they give the heart a good workout. Even when life is ultra-hectic, it’s important to plan for exercise. Exercise helps control blood pressure, and it helps your heart function optimally

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  • Fall Allergies: Seasonal Tips to End the Itch

    Fall Allergies: Seasonal Tips to End the Itch

    Every fall, you’re suddenly sneezing, coughing. Could it be fall allergies? It’s certainly a possibility. Ragweed blooms profusely this time of year. Those lovely, falling leaves become moldy, rotting vegetation after they hit the ground. And no surprise it turns out many people are sensitive to both ragweed pollen and mold. Dust mites can also

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  • September is Prostate Awareness Month

    September is Prostate Awareness Month

    Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among American men. Though all men should get a PSA test after the age of 50, some may need one sooner, if they have certain prostate cancer risk factors, which include: • Family history: Having a father or brother

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